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Singles Adventure Tours provides specialized services, unique in the world of travel today for the Single Adult Community. It is said by most Psychologists today, that a vacation is a necessary form of relaxation for EVERY working person. For Singles, it can be a real problem finding a company specializing in Singles Travel, Singles Cruises or Singles Vacations! This is why Singles Adventure Tours was originally formed.

Singles Group Cruises and Singles Vacations are few and far between nowadays. Few. if any, agencies don't want to get involved in matching singles for savings or hiring professionals to coordinate the Group's activities aboard ship, Singles Adventure Tours provides Single-Sharing services called, "Travel Mates" or "SHARES"!

This specialized free service is for those Single Adults who prefer NOT to pay any extra supplement for their vacation accommodations. Singles Adventure Tours knows which cruise lines do NOT charge double-the-rate for single private cabins as seems to be the rule most of the time with most lines. Singles Adventure Tours works exclusively with those cruise lines when it comes to their Ad-Lib Singles Cruises. These specialized Vacation services which Singles Adventure Tours provides to our single clients are truly appreciated.

Check out Singles Adventure Tours' "Testimonials page" ! See some of our past guests who have found their "Paradise" with the help of Singles Adventure Tours Singles Cruises and our Singles Vacation Packages.

Group Members

Keep in mind we have the LARGEST SINGLES GROUPS in the WORLD! You can be sure when there are 100-150 in a Singles Group, your age group is well-represented! Whether you are 65 or 25, you will be happy to know that unless we state an age restriction, there will be enough peers in your own age group that you will feel right at home in our group! When there are only 25 to 40 in a Singles Group, it is purely, "pot luck" as to whether or not you will find others who are your own age! Be assured with Singles Adventure Tours, in conjunction with our partner,, assure you that you will be absolutely satisfied from the day of departure to the disembarkation as far as quality and quantity of your particular Group of Singles aboard your ship during your vacation!

Singles Cruises

Why a Singles Cruise? The answer is simple. Why go on vacation when you know you will be one of the few (if any) Singles aboard just any cruise ship? ... resort? or getaway? Singles Adventure Tours is your true alternative ... Try one of Singles Adventure Tours' Singles Group Cruises. Single Adults find our Singles Group Cruises a perfect opportunity to meet that someone special, enjoy a true getaway and yet feel comfortable being with other Singles like yourself. We offer affordable, fun, memorable vacations to Singles of all walks of life!!

Singles Resorts

Singles Resorts are those which cater to Single Adults over 21 years of age. Those resorts selected by Singles Adventure Tours and are surely for Singles. Singles Adventure Tours assures you of this as FACT! This information is based on our own past experience and feedback from our most recent clients!

Singles Tours

Singles Adventure Tours is a company who works with Singles-Oriented Tour companies in respect to tours set up in the USA, Canada and Europe for the 18 to 35 group. If you are of this age, just call us ... Singles Adventure Tours is Toll Free ..and we will offer you a selection of places and dates of these specialized tours for younger Singles, 18-35.

Try us ... you'll like us!